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Merlin's Story:
Merlin was whelped in Norway.  His sire is a
beautiful dog named Festus and his dam is Kitty (pedigree).  His breeder and Norwegian mother is Wivi-Anne Olsen, who picked out this lovely puppy for us and allowed us to become his adoptive American parents.



Wivi loved, nurtured, played with, trained and groomed this puppy to make him the best he could be and she absolutely sent us one fabulous puppy!
Merlin Merlin   Merlin
(Merlin at 9 weeks)
Just before leaving Norway, Merlin was in his first, and probably his only Norwegian Dog Show, where he won "Best Puppy in Show"! 

Both his Norwegian mother and his new American mother were very proud of him.  And, thank you, Anette Becher, for doing a great job showing Merlin at the show.

At five months old, Wivi parted with Merlin for his long trip to the United States.

Merlin    Merlin    Merlin

(Merlin at 5 months)


He traveled in cabin with a friend, from Oslo, to Frankfurt, to Chicago.  I flew to Chicago to meet
Merlin, who came out of his sherpa bag rested and ready to explore and play.
We stayed over one night and he made friends at both the hotel and the airport.  The next morning we left to go home to New Jersey.


It was quite a hectic trip for such a little guy,
but Merlin took everything in stride.  He even managed
to get out of his sherpa bag, to everyone's delight,
and take a little stroll up the aisle of the aircraft.

Merlin certainly knows how to weave his magic. 
Whoever he meets just falls under his spell ...
I did!


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