N. Ch. Gemstone Petit Ami    "Ami"
Owned by Wivi-Anne Olsen

I have assisted a number of U.S. breeders
ship dogs to foreign countries because Bailey and Honey did lots of traveling
to complete their championships.
My first export was a lovely girl
who found her new and final home in Norway ...  




Ami's First CC


Ami's a New Champion!!

In March 2009,
we were pleased to send another bichon to Norway. 
Gemstone Wild Rose, better known as
was escorted to Norway and given to Wivi-Ann Olsen. 
According to Wivi,
Kitty fit right in with her other playful bichons.
I am sure that Wivi must have taught Kitty
some manners and decorum
because when Kitty played here she was a bit scruffy
 and managed to find lots of mud!


After a few etiquette lessons
and lots of meticulous grooming this is .


N.,Sw.,Dk., Ch. Gemstone Wild Rose  "Kitty"
Owned by Wivi-Anne Olsen

Kitty      Kitty

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