"Birth Announcements!" 



Congratulations to Isabel and Merlin!! Isabel had five lovely puppies born November 12, 2010!



      CH Gemstone She Is A Belle Of The Ball




Congratulations Olivia and Merlin!! Olivia had two beautiful puppies born October 27, 2010!


Olivia’s Twins!

Two times the bundles
and two times the love
two little puppies
was all Olivia could think of!

A sprinkle of sugar,
a dash of spice
a brother and sister
how very nice!

She fed them, cleaned them
and snuggled them tight
she whispered to each,
you are just right! 

Olivia with one pup

CH Gemstone Livin' It Up





Congratulations Hallie and Merlin ... three puppies born October 14, 2008!


October 14th, what a very special day,
Hallie's puppies arrived today.

Our tiny treasures, more precious than gold
have captured our hearts, triple fold!

Twelve tiny paws ... two girls and a boy
A set of triplets to enjoy!

Hallie lined them all up, one, two and three
They are the three cutest pups, everyone agreed!

She fed them and cleaned them and snuggled them tight
She whispered to each, you are just right.

This is the start, for puppies that numbered three
To begin their adventure " Makin' Memories."


CH Gemstone Makin' Memories




Congratulations Honey and Diego ... seven puppies born May 26, 2008!


Today Honey had a very busy day,
A bunch of sweet puppies came her way.
One puppy, two puppies, three and then four ...
She was getting tired but there were more.
Puppies five and six finally showed up,
She thought she now had all of her pups.
Time to rest, Honey thought that she was done,
But along came puppy seven to add to the fun!

"Their favorite activity!"

 2 days

6 days

A little older now and even cuter!

Can you believe we all sat down long
enough to take this photo?