Mitchell and I currently live with one puppy and nine champion bichons.  Mitchell is a dentist with a home office he works in two days a week and a NYC practice he works at the rest of the week. 

I am a retired school administrator.  I spend a major part of my day with my dogs and my puppies, when I have them.  Our children are all grown now so our bichons have filled our empty nest.


We have a large home where our dogs have free run of the ground floor that opens to outside and the first floor.  They can go in and out as they choose and there is a large area for them to play both inside and

Occasionally, our grown children come home and play with the crew!









How it all began ...

My husband and I never grew up with a dog, nor did my children have that opportunity
until my youngest child took the initiative.  Amanda can be very persuasive and, during her recovery from a major accident, she decided that a puppy would make it much more conducive for her to go to physical therapy.  We allowed Amanda to research the breed, then we read about the breed and went to visit some breeders.  We acquired our first bichon, Shana, from a breeder in 1991 as a family pet.  We were a busy household with someone usually home, coming or going so we decided that Shana needed her own kind of company. 
A year later we brought home Magic, a playmate for Shana.


What else would a dentist
give his bichon but a toothbrush?




Shana was the big sister who taught Magic everything.  They played together, napped together, shared their toys and were best buddies their entire lives.

Magic, however was just too cute, and ... after winning Best in Show at a match show, it enticed us into showing him to his championship.    As they say, "the rest is history".  Magic, "CH. Hollybush Do You Believe in Magic?",  became our first champion.


After this milestone, and as each of our children grew up and moved on, our bichon family continued to grow.  Phat Baby and Tessie came to us as pets and all the others were our pets, as well as, our champions.



A Quiet Day at Home

We are very proud of our bichons and the lines from which they come.  As breeders we have always made a concerted effort to do the right thing for our dogs and all the people who own one of our puppies.
We invite you to tour our website and meet our other bichons.

Jewel and Mitchell

Breeder of Merit

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